From beef fillet to T-bone steak, any meat retailer worth their salt will know to provide the wide range of beef for their customers. We’re no different. In fact, we provide a spectacular range of beef products, all of which are available online for purchase and reliable delivery.
So, whether you’re looking for beef fillet, beef roast, ox-tail, rump steak, T-bone steak, or almost any other beef product, Tip Top Meat has you covered.

*Please allow 2-3 days for delivery once payment has been cleared. Deliveries are made en-route between 7am and 6pm, therefore a delivery time cannot be confirmed. Please note, delivery to specific areas are done on certain days. Delivery Monday to Friday only, excludes Saturdays.

Kindly note, no refunds are allowed, you may keep a credit on your account or change for another product. Items cannot be packed less than 500g. Please note meat will be supplied frozen, unless specified.

*Orders to be checked thoroughly with our driver upon delivery – we cannot be held responsible for shortages once our driver has left. DELIVERY FOR ONLINE ORDERS IS GAUTENG BASED ONLY.

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